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Links to other music theory websites

Other Schenker Resources

Schenker-Analysis Glossary - useful glossary with musical examples by Dave Walker and William Renwick

The Correspondence of Schenker - a Cambridge University Project to digitize Schenker's huge body of correspondence

Mannes College of Music Schenker Symposia - information on this prestigious series of events.

Oswald Jonas Collection - A Checklist of Manuscripts and Other Papers in the Oswald Jonas Memorial Collection

Center for Schenkerian Studies - College of Music at the University of North Texas. Home to The Journal of Schenkerian Studies and the Reinhard Oppel Memorial Collection.

LEHRGANG FÜR TONSATZ NACH HEINRICH SCHENKER - The home page for the University of Vienna course in Schenkerian analysis. Includes an excellent bibliography and short biography (in German).

Professor Bruce Campbell's Home Page - a mixture of Michagan State Uni course info and music theory resources - including some Schenker quotes (including a picture!).

Journal for the Society of Musicology in Ireland Some interesting articles available free online, including one on Chopin by James Sobaskie in Volume 3.

Schenkerian analysis and popular music An article by Cristóbal L. García Gallardo (in Transcultural Music Review, Volume 5)

Other Music Theory Resources

Help with A level Composition particularly in the Classical style

Tom Pankhurst's TonalityGUIDE - SchenkerGUIDE's simpler and younger brother! Basic guide to harmony and voice-leading.

ChoraleGUIDE.com - resources to support writing harmony in the style of Bach (from September 2009)

Irene Girton's Species Counterpoint - A comprehensive practical guide to species counterpoint, including practice exercises. Other useful stuff accessible from home page of this site - www.listeningarts.com

Music Theory Resources - site includes a music theory journal, a searchable database of periodical articles and various other resources aimed at both students and professionals.

Solomon's Music Theory & Composition Resources - one of the most longstanding and comprehensive music theory sites on the web. Site by Larry Solomon.

Teoria - Practical Music Theory web site dedicated to the study of music theory. Comprehensive site that has regularly updated articles and features. Site by Jose Rodriguez Alvira.

Music Analysis and Music Perception - online version of Music Analysis article by Ian Cross.

The Tonal Centre is an interactive site for music composers and theorists which explains and demonstrates some of the key concepts of tonality; including chords, scales, cadences, and modulation.

Interactive introduction to music theory -this course is designed to be a self-help on-line tool for learning the fundamentals of music.

Society for Music Theory - comprehensive site from the SMT who publish the journals Music Theory Spectrum and Music Theory Online

Society for Music Analysis - Organizes various events in the UK and publishes the journal Music Analysis.

musictheory.net - excellent basic theory site with animated lessons and trainers

Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory - This free online course is designed to give you some rudimentary knowledge of the basic concepts of music.

Rhythm and Meter in Tonal Music A Bibliography and Glossary of Terms. Jay Tomlin.

Piano Pedagogy Plus! - wide range of information and links to information useful to the piano student and teacher alike.

Harmony in Tonal Music - Tom Sutcliffe's site aims to help students of music theory understand the role of chord progressions in tonal music. It is based on research into chord progressions which reveals structures similar to those in natural language.

Online Scores for Study and Analysis - Dr Gordon Callon (Acadia University)

The WholeARTs Music Conservatory - music theory instruction on the web (pay-per-lesson)

Eunomios - Online open source journal for music theory, analysis and semiotics

McMaster Music Analysis Colloquium (Journal) - collaborative student project organised by Dave Walker of McMaster University

Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature - brings together various activities, publications (both electronic and conventional), and projects centered at the School of Music at Indiana University

Collections of Links

Golden Pages - Links for musicians on the WWW. Site maintained by Royal Holloway (University of London) Music Deparment.

Classical USA - A link to music, arts and entertainment! A wide-ranging site that is regularly updated.

PALATINE - Performing Arts Learning And Teaching Innovation NEtwork - an organisation devoted to developing and promoting learning and teaching innovation including in the area of IT resources. The site includes a list of links to music resources.

BUBL Music Theory - The music theory section of BUlletin Board for Libraries which is a national information service funded by JISC on behalf of the UK Higher Education funding councils.

MERLOT () - MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) is a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Links to online learning materials are collected here along with annotations such as peer reviews and assignments.

Academicinfo.net - The music section of Academic Info - an independent Internet subject directory compiled and maintained by Mike Madin with the assistance of a volunteer group of subject specialists. Academic Info aims to be the premier educational gateway to online college and research level Internet resources.

Phil Rees Music Tech - a manufacturer of MIDI accessories for electronic musical instruments. Their site includes a list of Music Theory links.

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