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Hints and tips

General advice on exercises in each group is available from the Exercises page. The table below offers specific tips on the exercises in Group B where available.

Exercise no.Hints and Tips
  • look carefully at the models in Example 3.7 on p. 58 before completing B1-6
  • B2
  • the notion of unfolding is useful in the second measure
  • B5
  • remember that is sometimes underpinned not by V but by an approach chord to the dominant
  • B9
  • in such a short extract, it may well be that not every step of the Urlinie is completely harmonically supported
  • B10
  • read the section on initial ascents on p. 63 of the handbook
  • B11
  • read the section on cover tones on p. 80 of the handbook before completing this exercise

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