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In the SchenkerGUIDE handbook there are five groups of exercises. Groups A and B present short foreground and middleground extracts, Group C presents extracts of longer works in order to build up a picture of larger-scale structures, while Group D involves shorter passages involving particularly interesting analytical problems. Finally, the exercises in Group E involve reconciling Schenkerís own analyses from Free Composition to the details of the music.

On this page you will find tips on completing these those exercises in groups A, B and C as well as some preparatory exercises that you can complete online.

Preparatory exercises

Foreground elaborations
In these exercises, you are asked to identify several foreground elaborations in a short extract. You will need to complete a stage one and two analysis in order to answer the questions. You can then submit your answers and see if you have got them right.

Middleground elaborations
In these exercises you will analyse a short extract in order to answer some simple questions about the foreground and middleground elaborations. You will need to complete a stage one, two and three analysis in order to answer these questions.

Advice and tips on exercises in handbook

Group AGeneral adviceTips on individual exercises
Group BGeneral adviceTips on individual exercises
Group CGeneral adviceTips on individual exercises

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