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I would welcome submissions for research papers on any Schenker-related topic for inclusion in this section. If appropriate I can undertake the necessary conversion for publication on the web. Please email me. I teach at Liverpool Hope University ( and my address is 'pankhut' with that suffix.

Tom Pankhurst Diatonic dramas and choleric cadences: A semiotic approach to tonal structure in Beethoven and Nielsen
Keywords: Schenker; Semiotics; Nielsen; Beethoven

This paper (read at the 2003 SMA Music Analysis Conference in Hull) combines a Schenkerian perspective with some key ideas from A. J. Greimas, expanding on an aspect of Eero Tarastiís Theory of Musical Semiotics. The focus is on how music can be narrative in the broadest sense, first in Beethovenís Fourth Symphony and then in Nielsenís portrayal of the choleric temperament in his Second Symphony. While the first half of the paper draws on Greimasís relatively familiar narrative semiotics of action, the second half considers the implications of some Greimasís later work with J. Fontanille on the semiotics of passion

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