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SchenkerGUIDE.com and Plagiarism

Important note for students

Students at various universities have been penalised for plagiarising from this site - your tutor is probably more internet aware than you think!

If you quote, paraphrase or otherwise use ideas or material from this site, make sure you cite it fully and correctly. Failure to do so breaches copyright but more importantly it is PLAGIARISM - passing off other people's work as your own. David Gardiner's Plagiarism and How to Avoid It is a useful guide that should help you to understand fully what we mean by plagiarism.

Plagiarism is NOT ONLY copying direct from a source without a proper citation - it is using other peoples ideas without acknowledging that you have done so. It is worth keeping the following advice in mind when you are producing work at university level:

"Do not pretend to use the ideas of others as though you understood them, for if you truly understood them, then you would be able to use them properly" (see note 1).

Citing SchenkerGUIDE as a source
Here is a suggested style for acknowledging the use of ideas or material from this site as set out in The Columbia Guide to Online Style. Insert the relevant information where there are square brackets - do not include the square brackets.

Pankhurst, Thomas A. "[Title of Page]" Schenkerguide.com: A Guide to Schenkerian Analysis, 2001. http://www.schenkerguide.com/[filename].html([date of access]).

NOTE 1. Johnston, Bill, "The concept of plagiarism", Report to ILTHE, 2003 (available in the members only section of www.ilt.ac.uk [accessed 13/06/03]).