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Vierailuluentosarja musiikkitieteessä / Guest lecture in Musicology

Introductory Course, May 2005

If you wish to take credits for this course, please either complete ONE of the following assignments:

  1. analysis of extract from Mozart variations given out in class (note there should be a key signature of three sharps - it is not supposed to be in wierdly modal A minor!). This should be presented methodically according to the four stages outlined in the sessions.
  2. explanation of Schenker's analysis of Op. 14/2 first movement. You should show how Schenker's middleground of the first 26 bars relates to a foreground analysis by producing a graph that includes both. Make sure they are clearly and carefully aligned.
Advanced Course, May 2005

If you wish to take credits for this course, please complete an assignment that does ONE of the following:

  1. presents an analysis with short commentary of a substantial piece of music - either a short complete movement or the exposition of a longer sonata form movement. Feel free to check with me whether I feel a piece is suitable.
  2. presents an essay (approx. 3000 words) that presents some aspect of Schenkerian analysis and discusses its advantages and/or disadvantages. You should illustrate your argument with examples - at least some of these may come from analyses/pieces discussed in class.

Posting deadline (for both courses): Friday 03 June

Please send assignments to the following address:

Tom Pankhurst
Department of Music
Liverpool Hope University
Cornerstone Building
Hope at Everton
Haigh Street
L3 8QB

Please email me at the following address - I no longer can check my Schenkerguide email because I receive too much spam (it should be obvious how to convert it to a proper email address):
pankhut[insert 'at' here]hope[dot]ac[dot]uk