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Please let me know of any mistakes that you find in the SchenkerGUIDE handbook using this form. The table below lists all the currently known errata.


Known errata

Click here for the correct Example 5.10 (opens in new tab or window).

011 In the penultimate line on page 11 it says Example 2.2c, but it should say Example 2.1c
012 line 19 and 20: Example 2.2c and 2.2d should read Example 2.1c and 2.1d
033 On the second line from bottom a word is missing. Half way along the line the word 'unfolded' should be inserted between 'are' and 'in'.
039 In Example 2.23 the harmonic analysis is wrong and should be corrected as follows: - Measure 3 crochet three and four is V7 not I - Measure 4 crochet one and two is I not V7 - Measure 4 crochet three and four is V7 not I
046 Final paragraph, fourth line, 'F# minor' (in relation to Example 2.31 on facing page) should read 'F# major'.
047 Example 2.31: the lower case f# should be in upper case to denote F sharp major (as opposed to minor)
064 The word 'Ansteig' is incorrectly spelt. It should read 'Anstieg'.
070 Second paragraph, second sentence: '... at the end of the fourth measure....' should read 'at the end of the third measure'
077 First line: The careted number should be 5 rather than 4
090 Second line from bottom of main text: 'ascending third progression to G' should read 'ascending third progression to D'
095 In the third phrase of example 4.3 the roman numeral succession VI-VII-I is incorrectly labeled. The succession should read III-VII-I in G minor.
110 In Example 5.1, the E3 in m.13 of the bass analytical staff should be an F3.
118 Second line: the m. 14 in parenthesis should read m. 13.
123 Example 5.10 should be Figure 104/3 not Figure 104/1 from Free Composition. There is a link to the correct graph above this table of errata.
135 The e: (e minor) is misaligned in Example 6.5. Instead of preceding the I on the top line it should refer to the lower line of Roman numerals (VI-V) which are indeed in E minor rather than tonicization of C.
163 The word 'Ansteig' is incorrectly spelt. It should read 'Anstieg'.
178 The motif in Example 8.10 should be labelled Z not 'a'
182 line 12: Fem Klavierstykker (not Klavierstyyker)
185 In Example 9.6 the bass B in the first bar of the analysis (upper staves) should be a flat not a natural.
196 Exercises A11 and A12 are captioned incorrectly. These two captions should be the other way around.
204 Exercise C1b - the fifth semiquaver of bar 3 should be an E flat rather than a D
242 Hoherlegung should read Hoeherlegung (so it is incorrectly spelled on _242_, 245 and 253)
242 ff Hoherlegung should read Hoeherlegung (so it is incorrectly spelled on 242, 245 and 253)
245 Teiferlegung should read Tieferlegung
245 Uebergrifen should read Uebergreifen
246 The German term for third divider is incorrect in its spelling twice on this page - it is Terzteiler and not Terztieler.
246 Hoherlegung should read Hoeherlegung
246 Uebergrifen should read Uebergreifen
246 Teiferlegung should read Tieferlegung
253 Hoherlegung should read Hoeherlegung

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