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SchenkerGUIDE Bibliography

This bibliography classified according to the categories listed below. If a book or article concentrates mainly on one piece or composer, unless it is doing so to make a more general point, I have listed it under 'Analyses'. The only exceptions are Schenker's own analyses, all of which are listed under 'Schenker's Writings'.

Introductions and Summaries General Introductions for people new to the subject
Collections of Essays Collections of essays - vary greatly in intended audience and readability
Schenker's Writings A selections of Schenker's own books and essays - the book cited is usually a translation where possible
Specific Technical Points Discussions of specific problems arising from the detail of the theory
Analyses Most of these works have a theoretical point to make but do so in the context of a detailed study of one or more pieces of music
Philosophy, Epistemology and Aesthetics Discusses philosphical, epistemological (the theory of theories) and aesthetic issues arising from Schenker's theory
General Clarifications and Revisions Clarifications of some general aspect of Schenker's theory often leading to some sort of revision
Suggestions for Substantial Revisions As above but where the conclusion leads to a substantial re-working of some aspect of Schenker's theory
Extensions of Theory into Post-Tonal and Other Repertoire not Covered By Schenker Extension of Schenkerian principles both into progressive tonal music (such as Liszt and Wolf) and post-tonal music (Schoenberg onwards)
Historical Development of Theory Studies of the development of Schenker's theory across his lifetime or in comparison with the ideas of others
Semiotic and Hermeneutic Approaches Discussions of Schenker in relation to theories of meaning and signification
Bibliographies and Miscellaneous Bibliographies, lists of Schenker's analyses etc.
My PhD thesis, which combines Schenkerian ideas with semiotics: Link to thesis
List of books available from Amazon
List of all books and periodicals in database

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