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Advice on exercises in Group A

Before attempting these exercises, you need to have thoroughly absorbed the basics of foreground analysis. You should read the following passages from the handbook:

  • the discussion of compound melody on pp. 12-14
  • the summary of harmonic analysis on pp. 15-17
  • the descriptions of basic melodic elaborations on pp. 21-42
  • the basics of stages one and two of my suggested method on pp.87-95 (follow the relevant links on the four-stage method page of this website for a brief summary)

In these exercises, it is important to begin by restricting yourself to analysing only those elaborations that directly prolong individual foreground harmonies. The connections between those harmonies are a matter for the layer analysis of stage three. Once you have completed your foreground analysis, however, your teacher may well ask you to try and find middleground connections in these short extracts.

Tips on individual exercises

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