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Tom Pankhurst's Guide to Schenkerian Analysis

Welcome to is the companion website to SchenkerGUIDE: A Brief Handbook and Website for Schenkerian Analysis, published by Routledge. The site includes resources for both students and educators, including the following:

  • online exercises
  • a summary of the method outlined in the handbook
  • extensive searchable glossary of terms in English and German
  • bibliography
  • tips for presenting Schenkerian graphs (including on Sibelius)
  • Powerpoint slide shows and worksheets (you need to register to use these resources)

The original was launched in 2001. I have given it a long-overdue overhaul to coincide with the launch of my new Schenkerian analysis handbook (June 2008). If you really want to use the old site, there is a link in the navigation bar on the right.

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( including new review in Music Analysis journal)

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